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Hello --------Fellow Canuckleheads....... Have you purchased a boat privately in the U.S. of A.and brought it back to Canada?????------- I've researched with assistance from TF experts the importation process for trailer and boat--seems doable....... Next the $$ part!! The boat is in Arizona(I'm in B,C,) and I plan to make a trip down to have a have you paid for your boat(Iknow with $$)... the seller will transport the boat half way but I'm sure he'll want some $$ up front(maybe not)..........I'm thinking I could go through a Notary in Arizona who could hold the $$ in trust until I agree to release it?????? Don't know.......any financial wizards out there who could give some input ..... Thanks a million john

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How about a boat escrow service?


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I did something like that when I sold a boat to a buyer from Michigan. I gave my banker the USCG Bill of Sale and other documents. It was set up in Michigan with a correspondent bank. When the funds were wired to my account, my banker released the documents via overnight delivery. The buyer then came down to pick up the boat. We had it fueled and provisioned for him. I went through the first two dam lockings to get him familiar. Then my wife picked me up down stream. It was a very smooth transaction.

When they went through Chicago, one of my friends had to wait for a bridge opening for them. He phoned me, and asked what I was doing in Chicago. Small world stuff. The buyer arrived in Saugatuck without any issues.
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I just phoned my Credit Union, talked to the manager (who used to work for me) and had him transfer the funds but I think what you're really asking is how to handle the deposit. We used our broker's trust account for the deposit and the closing funds. With no broker involved I think you're going to have to pay somebody like a lawyer or escrow service to hold the funds or else some heavy duty trust is going to be involved.
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I'm a trusting soul BUT !!!!! THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTIONS !! I'll contact Coast Capital and see what they have to say ---- maybe they can co-ordinate with the Sellers Bank ........... standing by jp
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We bought our boat privately, I used a maritime title company in Seattle. I wired the money to them and they held it in escrow until the deal was finalised. Part of their service is to search the title and look after transferring the registration. It was seamless, but the boat and PO were both in Seattle. I'm not sure they could provide the same service out of state. I can provide full details if you PM me. Would at least be a good starting point.
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Boat/US provides the same services, from escrow to title search, etc. Very cost effective.
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Oh Oh !!

Only problem here is that the buyer and seller must be living in the continental USofA ---- I'm in Canada so that resource won't work ---- thnx. for the suggestion looks like a great organization--nothing like it this side of the Border,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, standing by.. john
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I think someone already gave you the link for Marine Documentation Service in Anacortes. When we bought Hobo, with no broker, they collected the money, did the final distribution (the seller had a loan) and all the paper work. The seller and buyer were not WA State residents. When we sold another boat, we and the buyer hired an attorney that worked in the marine industry and she basically did the same thing as Marine Documentation Services. The cost for each was around $500 which was split.

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