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What are the features you desire that you aren't finding in production boats ? Perhaps if you describe the boat you seek, someone here can recomend something that meets those requirements. There is a surprising amount of experience on this forum.

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We love our wood boat. Fleming and Defever cut there teeth on ours. Her lines are beautiful. She has been well maintained since 1970. As some have stated the feel in the water is excellent. Maintenance on any boat is part of living the dream. We are all very fortunate to be living the water life.

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I moor my boat in Rockport, Maine, the home of Rockport Marine and other builders and we are treated to numerous beautiful wooden boats, both resident and transients. I never tire of looking at them, but I'm too lazy and poor to own one.
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I miss wood boats in boat yards. Today yards have harsh chemical smells but when most boats were wood yards had a unique and not unpleasant smell.

The smell of old wood boats slowly returning to the earth.
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Originally Posted by John Riddle View Post
Hi Trawler fans!

I discovered this forum and joined about a month ago.

I'm a custom builder on Lake Erie (Ohio) and and I'm curious whether there's any interest in new wooden trawlers any more? Nothing feels and sounds quite like a wooden boat under way (or at anchor) and I imagine trawler folks tend to understand that more than your average boat owner. And the aesthetics of wooden boat construction have an appeal that can't be matched in fiberglass or aluminum.

New, traditionally-built wooden boats remain viable but the best wood-epoxy building techniques can reduce maintenance and result in a virtually unlimited lifespan. Does wood construction appeal to anyone any more?

John Riddle
Does wood construction appeal? Not to anyone but woodenboat fanatics who will want traditional techniques, not epoxy encapsulated wood fibers. Also the super-rich who will want bragging rights amongst their plutocrat peers.

If you think Iím wrong, show me all the production boats made from wood and epoxy...... Are there any wood center consoles or skiffs? Any wood trawlers beside one off customs?

Iíve been a subscriber and reader of Woodenboat magazine since Jon started it back in the mid Ď70s, in fact Iím wearing a Woodenboat t-shirt as I write this. But I also realized a long time ago that they are the tiniest segment of the boat building business. I love them, but when it came time to put my money down, we bought fiberglass, however I do travel with a stitch and glue plywood Whitehall skiff I built from a CLC kit.
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I place them with Harley Davidson motorcycles, which I call motorized jewelry. Nice to look at when someone else owns it.
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If it were me I would abandon the thought of building a boat due to both the cost and time. Maybe you can rescue an old boat and put your flavor into it? Or, email me at. My circumstances have changed a bit and I may be selling mine soon. 😎

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