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Thanks David,

My sentiments exactly - sure wish it was a Cummins or a JD.(even a Volvo)

Actually, if I could get it for the price of a blown Yanmar, it would be far more appealing. I could deal with the re-power inevitability if the price was right.
Thinking back, I believe this listing has been around a few months although it is listed as new. It is a slow time for boats, so I figure he has a couple of chances let for price reduction realities - I have a boat already and can be patient.

Seems you pretty much confirmed my suspicion; 'tis a shame.
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Assuming this is the same engine that was in the NT I was looking at several years ago there is a positive side to it. I found no parts available at all and considering that these engines are still running tends to support the talk I heard that they are a very good engine. Many trawler owners can go for years w/o needing any parts for their engines excluding oil filters ect. So one could conceivably have years of good service from these engines but it's obviously Russian Roulette. If you could easily afford to replace your car having collision insurance would not be cost effective and a boat w the above Yanmar engine may be much the same. But to make it work you've got to buy cheap.


North Western Washington State USA
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Thanks Eric,

I fully concur. I go to view the boat tomorrow morning and meet with the listing broker.
My concern was not so much of Yanmar, as I understand the engines have a good reputation. My major concern is with the Age. Another suspicious concern is that the listed hours are only 1200. Either this is a recent re-power or something else does not add up. If re-powered, someone must have got the engine for free from a wrecked boat. She would be barely broken in. Otherwise, why would you ever do it?

Like I say, despite their reputation for expense and parts availability, my Volvo has been great.(knock on teak) She was not that well cared for before, but sure seems to appreciate it now.

It comes as a bit of a surprise to me to find this Yanmar in a mid-'80s trawler. I did not think Yanmar came on the scene until the '90s. Can someone correct me here?

Last time I bought from this broker I got a pretty good deal, but that was 2010. I doubt that lightning strikes me twice in the same place.
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Eric I think the main consideration with this old Yanmar is Marine Age. The low hours on the engine have little to do with the prolonged exposure to salt( I assume salt water boat) of all the add on parts which are now either hard to get or expensive. I would buy this boat only if all else about it was much better than average and a repower were part of the financial equation. I know this is a repeat of what has already been said just want to reinforce the thoughts others share here,
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My guess is that it is an industrial engine with limited marinization as it looks to be sea water cooled. It may have never been a Yanmar marine product. Someone just bought a Yanmar radiator cooled industrial engine and plumbed it up to raw water.

But that is a very nice, large engine room, so repowering installation costs should be reasonable.

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My concern is salt and turbo as well, based on how long it has been in the boat. I have a very hard time believing it is original 30 years old.(and 1200 hrs.) When was it re-powered, and why with this engine?
As stated, the most, wear if you will, on my Volvo is on the raw water cooling components. The rest of the engine looks good except some old hosing which I am slowly working through.

It is a very hard to argue with the seller that his engine is junk and will need replaced, particularly if it is running fine.....

WAG, 95% of the boats that I might be interested in, and damn few at that, are either mostly on the East coast or several on the West. Scratch the East coast, too far and too expensive to buy and transport. That leaves but a few at best per year that turn up on the West coast. That, or I am looking in the wrong places.
This is the reason I would possibly consider a re-power or such if located nearby, for the right price.

Now maybe, this Yanmar runs fine for the next 5-7 years with no expense other than oil, filters, and impellers - then, what the hey? What does it matter, sell her off to the next smuck to spin the cylinder in the revolver!
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I just ran across this discussion and thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.

I have owned my 1984 President 43 foot trawler for 15 years. She's powered by twin Yanmar 6PHM-TE's, and they're wonderful. I can confirm that they're blue...and I can confirm that they're industrial beasts. I have over 5000 hours on them, and have had virtually no problems. And, here's the best part, parts are readily available! I have the parts catalog, and, when I need anything, a simple call to my local marine shop has worked every time. They work through the Yanmar distributor in Tampa. The only major things I've had to do over the years was a re-build on one turbo, a rebuild of one fresh water pump, and a replacement of one exhaust bend....coming from the turbo charger to the mixing elbow. That was recent, and I elected to cut the exhaust tube in half, sleeve it and weld back together. The reason for that method was cost and time. The part from Yanmar would have taken 90 days to arrive. I didn't want to wait that long.

In summary, don't be afraid of this engine. In fact, I'd suggest that the fact that the boat you're looking at has this engine makes it worth MORE, not less. It's a great engine.

"Little Miss Magic"
Punta Gorda, FL
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Yanmar only imported and sold a restricted line of engines in the US. That is what most of us stateside are used to seeing. Worldwide, they sold many more engine models, including the 6PHM. They even make medium speed freighter engines up in the thousands of HP.

Getting parts for these non-US engines may be a bit of a PITA. The post above indicates it is not impossible.

Before getting serious with one of these, contact potential parts vendors and make sure you can get things. Parts may require shipping from Japan.

I suspect even these heavy duty engines use a lot of aluminum in the cooling systems, which has been a pet peeve of mine with Yanmar.
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Like most auto's today aluminum is the material of choice, Yanmar alum components are on the FWC side of system, the seawater cooler is like any other brand, so no need to have a pet peeve, they have beem around a very long time, just like my 300k mile Honda!

You have received a couple of actual owners feedback, so far positive, I would take the serial number down and call a your local parts place and see what the deal is first hand.

If later you decide to change the 6B 210 reman'ed is the logical choice.
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Unknown Yanmar

Somebody mentioned that Yanmar has made many industrial marine engines that were never exported to the USA.
I have one, it is a 6dhhtc, 6 cylinder about 5.3 liter after cooled turbo, it has OVER 30,000 hours on it and now needs rod bearings, pistons, sleeves....(Mains are fine). Starts in less then 1 second everyday, no smoke and has near zero blow by. I have put over 2,500 trouble free hours on it.
I cannot get accurate h.p. info on it, (Anywhere from 55-135) Yanmar Japan has little info, other then it was built from 1977-1982. Mac boring and Torrentson have never heard of it. (It was painted green though)
It has performed so well for me that I brought a nearly new spare, for $2,500 with gear box.
I can swap engines in two days. If you have any source for parts, it is likely you have a real first class machine there. (Lucky for me many parts can be adapted from Yanmar MD-4)
(Minimal aluminum in the raw water system), and some parts do look similar)
I see some are concerned that it is raw water cooled.....but it has an expansion tank on the front, I was under the impression that would only be found on a fresh water cooled engine.

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