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When to change belts

So I saw quite a bit of dust underneath one of my engines fan belts. I took the shroud off and inspected the belt. I saw lots of cracks running across the face of the belt but none running the length of the belt. The cummins manual says that cracks across the face of the belt are not a problem but running the length is a problem. However, this belt has quite a few cracks running across the belt. The manual did not specify if a high number Or a low number meant anything.

I guess, to be on the safe side I would change the belt were it a straightforward swap. However I have a hydraulic pump bolted to the front of both engines and would have to remove them to change the belt. I am uncertain how to take the pump off, and would hate to have to remove the hydraulic lines as that would create a significant mess.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

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Hopefully you will be able to remove the pump enough without disturbing the hydraulic lines. When you get around to it, you should consider installing a second spare belt on the right side of the pump. Just hang it up there away from moving parts till you need to change again in the future.

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I don't agree with the cummins manual. A horizontal crack that is deep enough could let go at anytime. Check the depth, not the number.

The dust would indicate either a loose belt or an alignment problem. Check alignment before reassembly.
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