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what is the story with BMW?i

In searching for a cruiser I found one with a BMW diesel. What is there reputation?

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Older boats, like the Lord Nelson Tug used BMW diesels. Not much support here in the US for them. If I bought a LNT today with a BMW I would be looking to repower with a John Deere or Cummins if anything serious happened to it.


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I've never owned one, but I've heard they make a very good marine diesel. Their smaller engines (up to 50 hp) are based on the reliable Hatz diesel. The larger ones are a tunnel bore design, and somewhat more complicated.

From what I understand, most (all?) parts are still available through Mercury Marine, who bought out the BMW's marine division and continue to sell an updated version of the BMW diesels.
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BMW into mercruiser

I posted this on a seperate thread

The BMW 6cyl diesels of the 1980's were made by VM motors in Italy , one of the largest diesel engine makers in the world. Now making very highly rated diesels for The american pickup truck market, the ram Eco-diesel.
Their latest marine engines have been designed with almost no external hoses to reduce leaking from hose failure issues.What a good idea! Proper designing not just maranizing.
VM motors got bought and sold again and again , see wiki.
BMW got out of the marine diesel Market and sold the 6 cyl to mercruiser who marketed it in the early 1990's . But they gave up when sales were not what they wanted.
The basic engines are great, maranization is always the issue, and the parts availability of older engine a real problem, same with most older engines.

I would be interested in anybody experience with the mercruiser 180hp turbo engine of the early 1990's , I'm looking at a boat with one of these engines but worry about parts a lot! Let alone finding somebody to work on it.
Ps yes the crank cases of the 6 cyl were tunnel bored one piece crankcase , very strong design. Harder to make but if it's already done its good to have.
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