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Volvo TAMD 63 info

Anyone know if doing a valve adjustment on a TAMD 63 involves the standard adjustment screw to set clearances? Someone had told me I may need to use shims to adjust the clearance which sounds like a PIA. Also does anyone know if the TAMD63 is also one of the Volvos that has a restrictor in the hose on the coolant exhaust side of the turbo. I've read that some of the TAMD's have a restrictor to slow the coolant flow and that it sometimes gets clogged up. As I just bought a Californian with 2 of these babies any info I can find (especially first hand) would be appreciated.
These are 2001 versions of the motor with 600 hours on them so I'm thinking I've got some much needed PM to do on them so cooling, valves and a good cleaning of the fuel system seems in order before I can kick back, have a beer and just go somewhere.

Thanks to all !!!


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I suggest buying the service manual for your engines if you plan on doing this type of work on your engines. You will be way ahead in the long run knowing how to do the things you want to do and what tools you may need.

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Da Book !!! is the best $100 you will ever spend.
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Second best to the manual is a mechanic but not the guy who works out of his truck and hangs around marinas. Look for an authorized Volvo shop and expect to pay good money.
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Only engine I have ever seen that used shims was a duel overhead cam. I've seen Volvo marine diesels but know nothing about their valve arrangements.

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Hello Kieth,

Please see info below for valve adj. on the Volvo TAMD range 61 to 74 FYI.

Hope this helps?.


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