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Now that the mud has settled a bit on this thread, how about stirring it up?

This is an unusual creature with a motor / generator on the tail shaft of the turbo. With light loading, you spin up the turbo with the motor and it becomes somewhat like a supercharger. Under load, the turbo spins the generator and generates power for the vessel. I can't imagine a generator spinning in 120,000 RPM but it could be geared down, although their movie does not depict a gearbox. Instead it probably generates DC at some amazing voltage where it is stepped down to something useful and either used or stored.

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I saw a breakdown of some Formula 1 engine- It had a turbo with a planetary reduction coupled to a motor/generator. Same sort of thing. Also had variable geometry turbine inlet vanes. Could function as a supercharger drawing elec power, exhaust brake with turbine/generator recovering braking energy, and function as a regular turbo. Neat stuff. Control algorithm could get a bit complex!!!

I'm a big fan of variable geometry turbine inlet vanes, but have not seen them on the little recreational engines. I think it is due to them getting stuck from humidity. Would like to fix that problem so we could use them.

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