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Originally Posted by Ski in NC View Post

What dia and what length are we talking about?
Design calls for 165 inch shaft, the shaft I'm talking about is 155 inches and 2 inch diameter.

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look up Boats and Harbours mag al the shafts of all kinds

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I changed the engine in my '53 Studebaker in about 1973. The machine shop would cheerfully shorten my driveshaft, but not lengthen it. (I had the pieces to make either happen...) Must have been a reason for it.

Being a cheap b**tard myself, saving money is always attractive. But, a lousy $1k to do the job 'right', after how many thousands for the rest of the project?
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Originally Posted by Larry M View Post
Sounds impressive but the price..? Your right more money. From their web site it looks like $1500 to $2300 plus the installation costs for Hobo. As far as increasing transmission life. We're rebuilding ours now but only for PM at 8400 hours. Call me old fashion and one who likes simple but I'll pass.
Larry that's the cheapest AD prices. Considerably higher for your size boat/engine. I hope I didn't imply it was necessary. Certianly isn't. I don't have an AD and have no intention of putting one in my present boat. I put the AD in my last boat.
And now that AD's patent has run out there are several similar alternatives. But if I had a bank roll and was building a boat I'd include an Aqua Drive. And actually after you get the AD installed it simplifies things.

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Sorry but if you are building a new boat why frig about to maybe save a few dollars to end up with a redneck job , just do it right, get the new shaft made to suit.
Job done, no hassle AND if you ever go to sell the boat, no problems.

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