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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
Actually a thruster will let you do something you can't do with a twin and that is to move one end of the boat or the other straight sideways without moving the other end of the boat at all. .
That is what I use my thruster for. We back into the slip. So, I will use it to move the bow easily over to an outer piling to get a line on. Then move it to the other. Makes for an easy tie up.

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Originally Posted by BaltimoreLurker

Which brand/model do you have? At less than $3k I might just consider going for it.
It's a Sideshift made in Ontario Canada. There are deals out there, so look around. It's a do it yourself kit...... You don't have to remove the boat from the water. Buy the Lbracket and no one will ever know you have it. Unlike a bow thruster, it's almost silent (you do hear the water swishing). Good luck.

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Well, I've enjoyed the banter and comments over the past few days but I'd still like some comments on my orginal question, "Has anyone had any experience with the "Sideshift" stern thruster.". I think there's only been one. Again thanks for the comments. Didn't mean to stir a hornets nest.
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I have a Stern Thruster on my Tolly 26 single screw. It was on the boat when I bought it. Mine is a hydraulic unit from Dickson and works well. I have never used one before but now when docking in a crosswind , it does come in handy. I don't NEED it but I use it. If its there, use it........
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Most if not all new Nordhavns and Selenes come with both bow and stern thrusters. Ditto Fleming. On new well thought vessels made today it is "expected."

My heavy twin engined trawler has a bow thruster but no stern unit. I can walk it sideways - easily - into or out of a tight docking space by using rudder hard over and slipping in and out of gear to keep forward and reverse motion in check.

If I had a single engine vessel I'd insist on both bow and stern thrusters, why not? Boating is supposed to fun. Go for it MT, don't let the "purists" talk you out of it. A stern thruster is cheap in comparison to a damaging docking. 75 years ago the debate was "Should I have an auxiliary motor in my sail boat?"

On a separate note, thrusters revolutionized the cruise industry. In some places the unions have the muscle to still insist on tugs or the port is shut down, go figure.
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We have both bow and stern thrusters on our 47ft Selene (65,000lb, single screw). Especially if there is nobody ready to catch a line on the dock they are quite helpful when docking -- even more so when the wind is blowing the boat away from the dock.
Yes, I know about some of the "tricks' with spring lines etc but the practical reality is that often they can not be applied effectively at the time they are needed. If we had twins we probably would feel less inclined toward the thrusters.
Specifically on the question of stern thrusters, ours is significantly less useful when docking than the bow thruster. It is helpful for turning (spinning) the boat in a small space by using both bow and stern thrusters together, and it is helpful for bringing the stern into the dock when lines are already attached. But if the wind is blowing it really can not do much to help correct a bad docking situation.

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