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RE: Single v/s Twin

I've looked at that boat ad myself, trying to figure out what the after section is for; I'm guessing that's where the alternator/generator is located. If you look closely at some of the photos, the electrical panel is still labeled Ocean Alexander 423 Classico. Some one sure spent a lot of bucks for not much return - no increase in living space, and a very modest improvement in fuel burn. i don't see how there is a payback for that investment.

Eric, I wouldn't be surprised if our hulls are very close in form from the sheer clamp down.
I recall that your 44 is a 2 foot extension of the similar 42 model, and the 423 classico series immediately followed the production runs of your model.

I don't have floscans so my figures are calculations. I have an actual speed vs RPM curve for the boat, and used the Caterpillar fuel burn specifications for the 210 3208.(2.5 gph per engine at 1500 rpm, for example). Empirically, the fuel consumption calculations are pretty much borne out with total fuel consumption when I fill up. I have 2:1 gears and 29xx21 props.

Is there a 22% improvement with the diesel electric? I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but again to what end - the economics don't justify a repower, in my opinion. Using some generous numbers, let's assume engine time of 150 hrs/yr (I think a lot of boats average less than 100 hrs). also Assume a 10-11 mph cruise speed average (7gal/hr for me), and fuel at $3/gal. So I would burn 1050 gal/yr. A 22%savings then is 231 gal at $3 is a savings of $693 per year. $700 per year would support a loan value of less than $8000 at say 6.5% interest over 20 years - not close to what must have been spent.

But, give this owner credit for trying to push the envelope on propulsion systems.

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RE: Single v/s Twin

NONE of the small boat conversions make economic $ense,

they are done so the owner can prove he is GREENER ( Or has more surplus income to throw away) than mere YOU do.

EGO, not efficiency drives this sillyness.


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RE: Single v/s Twin

Perhaps the extension was not just a straight extension aft but a reshaping of the stern to make it perform more like a displacement hull. I've thought about that and talked about that in the past. My first thought was to get an old 42 CC (wood), cut the stern up and reshape it so the bottom would come up to the water line which would basically make it a displacement hull. Take out the old FH 6s and put in a pair of 50 hp engines** ..* instant super cheap trawler.
I think your'e looking at the boat like a business deal. Everything must be cost effective. I think or at least suspect that the owner of the DE did it just to do it. Iv'e done strange designs just for the thrill of it and to see how it will turn out. Some have a neeeed to be different and some want to make a statement, social, political or even sexual. Whatever reason you go boating RED I really like your boat.
FF thinks DE is " sillyness ". RED thinks it's not cost effective. Slobo thinks it's interesting but not efficent enough. I think it's exciting AND one gets all those wonderful advantages like smoothness and maneuverability. I can't afford to do it myself but it sure is fun to read about it and talk about it. Many of us were in the bah humbug catergory when we talked about this before (extensively) so newer members have much to read if it's of interest.

Eric Henning
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RE: Single v/s Twin

"Or are you specifically speaking of electric conversions? "


"FF thinks DE is " sillyness "."

Yes again.

For a SHIP , with a huge and varying hotel load , a dozen gen sets , operated as needed is quite efficient. The diesels work really hard (ads they were designed to do) and the low efficiency of light loading , and crappy fuel consumption, as well as engine damage are avoided.

Electric anything requires far better storage than currently exists.

Make a storage (battery?) with 10X the power density of wet cells , and most autos can be powered by the nice cheap base load, at night.

For a boat , perhaps if enough energy can be stored to keep the noisemaker off at night , and have air cond and refrigeration , co generation and storage might make sense .

Probably a decade , not a century away.


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