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Originally Posted by Ski in NC View Post
..........If boat handles well at sea, and only complaint is maneuvering at low speed, that can be corrected by using sharp bursts of fwd throttle, followed by another snort in reverse to slow the vessel. Walking back and forth like that is standard practice and you do need to use the throttle.......... .
That's what I was going to suggest. I believe there's a name for this technique: "back and fill". A web search will result in descriptions and videos.

I can't say if the rudder is too small, but the above is how you can deal with it.

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We are very fortunate with our Willard 30/4, it has a huge rudder that really helps in slow speed maneuvers. It measures 4' X 2'. Our hull is full displacement and almost the same as a sailboat of the same brand.
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Since structurally, you would be hard pressed to put on a bigger rudder until you can work on the keel, why not consider a bow or stern thruster. They would accomplish much the same thing and be useful even after the rudder is replaced.

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Why is there a chain from the top of the rudder to the transom? I have never seen that on a boat before.

The chain is the simplest sort of rudder stop.

After 35 deg or so the rudder becomes a brake , so the chain is to prevent this from happening.

It also helps when in reverse , as again too much rudder is a brake and does not help the handling of the boat.

The rudder looks OK in size and should work just fine.

If extra help is required at extreme low speeds a T style tab can be placed at the trailing edge.

Our launch has a very small rudder , as it has a second backing rudder to assist at low speed.

This is no longer enough as the prop diameter went from 27 to 32 inches which blankets the rudder.

Two pieces of 90deg SS angle bolted to the trailing edge of the rudder , to form a diamond helps a good deal.

Keep the chain on the rudder , it will keep you out of trouble.

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