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Routine Maintenance - In or Out of the Water?

Currently, my new-to-me boat is on the hard getting her bottom painted and zincs replaced. I'm also having the raw water hose replaced while she's out of the water.

Should I go ahead and have the mechanic do the normal routine maintenance items -- e.g., change fluids and filters -- now at the boat yard? Or would it be better to wait until the boat is in the water at the marina, or does it matter?

My plan was to wait until she is in the water. My experience (on my other, gasoline-powered boats) has been to run the engines before and after fluid changes -- to warm up the oil before draining, and then to check fluid levels after refilling. I'm not sure that can be done on this boat if it's not in the water. I'm assuming it's not.

What do you all think? I guess I could ask the guys at the boatyard, but you guys are easier to get hold of. Plus, the boatyard may want to do it rather than lose the business, even if it's not in the best interests of my boat.


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Yes, always change fluids when warm. It'll be easier to do so once you're back afloat

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Mr. J. I concur with Mr. NM's comments but since you mention you have serviced engines before, why not do it yourself once launched? Engines, for the most part are engines. Why do you care if the boatyard loses the business? Family?
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I don't care about the boatyard losing business. I guess I wasn't clear. My options are: (1) Have the boatyard bring in "their" mechanic to do the work while the boat is in their yard getting the other work done; or (2) Wait until I get the boat to the marina where I can have "my" mechanic do it for me.

I've done the PM on my previous gas engines, but I'm a total newbie when it comes to diesels. I'm sure I can change the oil and trans fluid, but I'm not familiar with the various filters and zincs that need to be changed/replaced. Hopefully, I'll be able to look over the mechanic's shoulder when he does it so I can see how it's done (and where everything is!).

By the way, I'm going to have the same mechanic pull and service the aftercooler for me, per the engine surveyor's recommendation. I didn't even know what an aftercooler was before the survey.
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Don't worry about an oil change.
I'd concentrate on all the things that can't be done, or are more difficult to do in the water.
Besides bottom paint and zincs, - check your prop for damage & perhaps treat with prop speed; Repack stuffing box if needed; replace the stern tube hose if it is old & soft; check your rudder for play around the rudder stock and gudgeons & replace bearings and/or bushings if necessary; check all thru-hulls and seacocks; ensure screens on water intakes are clear. Take a few photo's for the record so you remember what your bottom looks like.
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