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RE: Replacing generator; how difficult is this?

ALL SOC units need a while ( multiple charge & discharge cycles ) to get accurate , learn your battery banks ability.

"I used the inverter for microwave and coffee."

Almost nothing.

"The fridge ran all weekend on 12V."

Depending on fridge quality usually 60 -100ah a day

"Even ran a 110V fan since the batts were doing well."

Amperage unknown, inverter load hours? , 1.5A in 120v is 15A in 12v.

I never saw less than 83% charge on my battery monitor.

Removing perhaps 250Ah from a 660Ah battery bank should give a different reading , after the system settles down.

But a quality SOC meter IS the way to keep up a bank, and get 6 or 7 years of life instead of 2 or 3 .

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Replacing generator; how difficult is this?

Edelweiss wrote:Per wrote:**how did you get it from the ER up onto the cockpit deck? or did they put the boom all the way in where they could lift it out of the ER?
when the hatch is open on my boat, there is a nice big access into the ERbut not a lot of places to brace anything against


I think your engine room is just like mine? *You have a 38' Cali right? *Generator mounted across the stringers, just ahead of the main engines? *The yard lifted mine out with a cherry picker crane through the salon door (boat out of water of course). *

They took the outside door off the salon, lifted and removed both floor hatches in the salon over the engines. *They*stuck the telescoping crane mast through the door and lowered the hook. *The 7.5 kw Onan had a lifting eye that was balanced just right. *They removed the motor mounts, tied a tailing rope to the genny and lifted. *One guy sat on the front cabin floor and used the tailing rope attached to a come-along, through the front engine room access door to keep it from striking the engines. *Turning the genny sideways they gained clearance by allowing it to slide a little between the mains as it was lifted. *Once they had it in the salon, they retracted the boom and brought it right out the door! * Took me longer to take the sound shield off and disconnect plumbing and wiring, than it did for them to remove it from the boat.

*mine is in front of the stbd main, you could'nt just drag it out..

i am sure we will figure something out though.

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