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Redecorating and carpeting the engine room.

Winter is here and I been thinking of redecorating and carpeting the engine room.* Presently its basic off white,*with green carpeting that matches DD671 ugly light green.* I wish those big heavy metal things could be moved and re arranged.* )-;* The lighting is plain ordinary florescent.* I was think of maybe some mood and/or accent lighting, maybe a few*tank ornate hangings.* (-;**

We have a stand up engine room so I am constantly going in*it for things.*The carpeting keeps my tender paint toes from getting cold and help deaden the noise.*My wife will not enter as its to looks messy and intimidating.* She says. Why would I want to go down there, when I go you.* )-;* So maybe if I remodeled/decorating, I might at least get her*to think about*enter the engine room.* Shoot it scares me to go going down there so I leave the lights on all the time to*keep the sea monsters away.* *(-;*
So what have you done with your engine room to make it more warm, appealing and not so scarey?*****


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Redecorating and carpeting the engine room.

Heck, Phil, if the wife doesn't go down there you oughtta keep it that way and put a card table down thre and let's break out the stogies and beer and let's play some cards!!!!...~

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RE: Redecorating and carpeting the engine room.

Phil Fill,

I guess my favorite color to accessorize would be Ford Tractor Red. Of course- the other accents I like to see are the crankshaft pulley's goin' round as the First Mate guides us through the channel and I do a visual . These are the things that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside!!
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RE: Redecorating and carpeting the engine room.

I keep my engine room as white as possible. There are advantages: - dim DC lighting keeps everything as visible as possible; the slighest oil/fluid leak shows up quickly; it has been easy to match. My floors have a raised removable teak grating and I have gray felt-like carpet over them. I generally remove all of the carpeting and teak whenever something messy is being done (oil change, any real engine work, etc).

My gal hasn't had a problem coming down and doing her share of work. I think the white really helps.
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