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Perkins Range 4-200 ,,, but it is a six cylinder ?????

I am confused,,, I am looking at a 1987 trawler with Perkins Range 4-200 engines. I thought the 4 meant 4 cylinder but that is not the case, They are six cylinders and they are turbocharged. Are these reliable ? It looks to me they were made from 1987 through 1992. Does anyone have any info on the availability of parts and costs,, reliability ?



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RE: Perkins Range 4-200 ,,, but it is a six cylinder ?????

This is a variant of the Perkins 6.354, 200HP. I have also seen Range 4-220 or 240 (can't remember) on a late 80's Nova 44 CPMY. That date range sounds about right. Good engine, parts available for a cost, very reliable.

I use British Marine on the west coast. I'm sure there are good contacts on the east coast for parts.

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Perkins Range 4-200 ,,, but it is a six cylinder ?????

Thanks Guru,

Are there any weak areas to check,,,,,, heat exchangers etc. ??
I am told the fuel usage is about 6.5 gals an hour at 9 to 10 knots. Which sounds like allot to me but it is twins. Does the fuel usage drop if you drop the speed to 5 or 6 knots or is it proportional and you just get there in twice the time.

Does 9 to 10 knots cruising sound about right for a 44 footer ?

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RE: Perkins Range 4-200 ,,, but it is a six cylinder ?????

Speed and fuel consumption depends alot on the boat design,*power, weight*and hull design.*

But just as a reference, I burn 6.5 GPH at 10 knot with twin 6.354's (which is the same design engine) at 2200-2300 rpm.* But I'm running*130 hp NA engines in a 37'*boat.* You are talking twin*200hp engines in a 44' boat.**

One would think a larger boat with 400 hp would burn more fuel than a smaller boat with 260 hp at the same speed?**I*think*that*figure might be a little*low, but I wouldn't expect it to be a lot more.****

Larry B
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RE: Perkins Range 4-200 ,,, but it is a six cylinder ?????

Propped correctly the engines should burn the same amount of fuel at a given RPM regardless of boat size.*On this site there is an article that shows the burn rate for the* 200 HP Perkins in a Californian 34LRC.* http://www.trawlerforum.com/t16976520/34-californian-articles-specs-and-factory-options-list/

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Actually the engine is 185bhp @ 2400 RPM according to the Perkins stat sheet and I have to second the nod on British Marine they are great.
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What you'll need to look at closely is the cooling system that touches seawater. They have a "manicooler" and an aftercooler stack that are very high dollar items when they goes south.
The base engine is fine., very durable and parts are available.

Jay Leonard
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