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Opinion - Jabsco Marine Porta Quick Oil Changer

As I get older, I find that I do not mind spending some money to make life a bit easier. Case in point: I am tired of endless pumping by hand to extract oil a few drops at a time whenever the time comes to change the oil in the boat engines.

So did some googling, and came up with the electric Jabsco Marine Porta Quick Oil Changer which sounds pretty good. But of course a lot of things sound good, so I wondered if anyone on the Forum might have an opinion, pro or con, on this puppy?

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Drill pump. Use it with your cordless. I have one of those kits you are asking about, it's brand new but came with the boat. I still use a drill pump. I also use it to suck the bilge dry after running as I only have a standard packing gland.

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We have had one for as long as I can remember, friends borrow it all the time. The only thing I have ever done to it is change the impeller twice. On our Perkins 3.6544M I still found I hate pumping out thru the small dipstick tube till someone on this site suggested removing the big plug on the left hand rear side of the cast oil pan. Now I use a 1/2" dia. hose to pump out and it takes only seconds..............
Cheers Mike Barge
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Jabsco has switched from impeller pumps to diaphragm pumps on their oil change system. I've never used one of the new ones but I have an old one with the impeller pump I've been happy with. I kind of like the looks of the new flat tank style. I think it'll be easier to store and empty than the bucket type.

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I've had one of the older bucket-style for some years. Works OK, but real messy to use. The stupid thing is top heavy without oil in the bucket, and tends to upset easily when lifted by its handle, spilling any residual oil all over the place. And nowhere to store or secure the suction tube or battery leads. Also a PIA to empty without getting dirty oil everywhere, unless you can come up with 12VDC at your dump site and can pump the used oil out.

But for its intended purpose, it works.

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I use a xchange R pump system. Few hundred dollars but slick as hell.

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Been usin' the JABSCO pump for years on my twin Volvos. I take the impeller out of the pump when I am not usin' it to avoid the vanes takin' a set. Yes, the thing is top heavy when empty so I tote it around in a plastic box.
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Shurflo Drill Pump-Drill Shurflo - Star Marine Depot

Shurflo Drill Pump

Elect drill and this pump and correct container for off haul = EZ!!!
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I also have an X change pump on my new boat and really like it. Mine does 3 lines, engine, transmission, and generator.

On my charter boat I have the jabsco pump mounted to a bulkhead with the intake plumbed with 1/2" hose to the engine oil pan. The 1/2" discharge hose is coiled with a cap on the end. When changing the oil, I remove the cap and stick it through the pour spout in a 5 gallon oil bucket that still has the lid on it. Cap the hose and bucket when done, never a mess. Electrical is hard wired in also, so it's just flip the switch.

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Reverso for us; changes tranny, genny, main.
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Thanks, Oliver
M/V Oliver
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I use an oil x changer pump...pump only and I pump into a 5 gallon plastic fuel jug. Pumps out even cold oil in about a minute (hose attached to the oil pan plug). fuel jug is easy too transport and dump into my son's used oil tank. Keeps everything clean.
I have used Jabsco units in the past and they worked, but not nearly as well and the x changer pump.
Jay Leonard
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As has been pointed out above, the fixed mount oil change systems are really nice if you have the room for one.

My favorite of those is one of the Reverso systems that use their little gear pump. It has no rubber impeller.
Reverso Pumps Oil Change Systems

I noticed this portable system on the same page. It sits on top of a bucket.
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Troglodyte reporting in. Brass Jabsco hand pump for me. I tried a few portable electric units and for various reasons got supremely annoyed. Impellers burning out, won't prime, leaks, hoses and wires all over.

The engine on my personal boat has a short drain hose going to the bottom of the pan, that makes it easy. 5gal of warmed oil takes maybe 15min to suck out. I would not want to do this through a dipstick hole, that would take forever. I use old 2.5gal Rotella plastic jugs as catch bottles, not hard to handle even when full.

Genny and gear I use a Moeller plastic sucker bottle.

If a boat has an installed pump, I use it. But you have to be careful if using it to load oil. Cold oil is hard to pump, and more than one pump has burned up trying to do so. Usually I just pour in the oil using gal jugs to avoid that problem.
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There is very little work to pumping down a suction system , (Tempo ot similar) and they are easier to use and store than the motor driven pails.

Both stink for engines with more than a few gal of oil , as one has to stop and empty the container to remove all the engine oil.

WE use an old hand powered aircraft rotary fuel pump and can stop to change pails after 3 -4 gal is in the first . Lighter to carry out for disposal.

Quick disconnect hyd fittings allow pump hook up and removal with no dripping hoses.
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We use the X-Change-R system, too. Both engines, both gears, genset. Pump old out, pump new in. Well worth one-time cost and installation, at least for us. Ours is one of their gear-driven-pump models, and I understand those are better than the ones with the rubber impellers (but I have no direct experience with the latter).

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I used a "hand vacuum pump" type on my Albin 25. I liked it a lot. Small engine though so almost all the oil fit in the canister w one extraction. Always changed the oil hot and working through the dipstick hole was fine.

With the Willard our repower engine (small 4 cyl Mitsubishi) was provided w an extraction hand pump permanently installed in the boat and connected to the drain plug by a hose. Sure hope that hose or connection never leaks. Still can't figure out why others use electric motors to pump out oil even considering 3 times as much oil.

Those little electric pumps are handy for other things though. A small part of my bilge is isolated and I installed one as a dedicated bilge pump on the aft bulkhead.


North Western Washington State USA
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