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Old Boat New Motor - Hose Clamps

G'day All.

I have had a look over previous posts and there is discussions in the area. I have some questions to consolidate.

As I will be replacing all my hose clamps with engine swap underway so I want to get it right.

1. I think I want to generally use T-bolts all 316 that are not spot welded. Any recommendations on brands?

Why would you not use t-bolts. Clearance issues?

2. Is it still wise to double clamp all connections that might result in sinking with failure when using T-bolts? protect against single clamp failure.

3. Paint Marking the hose to indicate the end of the fitting seams to be a good way to avoid hose crush.

4. Offsetting the clamps is this important? Can make install tricky for one or the other.

5. Spring load clamps. not sure how these make any sense. Tight cold is Tighter when warm.

6. Maintenance? ..visual inspection, quick squirt of inox mx3 and a turn or two loosen then tighten. What is appropriate? How often?

Thanks in Advance.

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On larger tubes spring load type may adapt more to the greater expansion. I like the T type because they cant strip. One up and one down has always worked for me with swivel sockets to ease access. I suggest spraying them all with a corrosion inhibitor when done. Actually consider spraying everything.

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Be careful with t-bolts. It is easy to crush things as the torque multiplier is way more than a screw clamp. T-bolts have a nasty habit of poking you when crawling around. But work well they do.

I like the constant force type, not sure of exact label, but the ones with a stack of belleville washers.

Alternate clamps when double clamping things if you have room. Not important, but standard practice.
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