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Opinions should all be taken with some skepticism. TF or professional it really does not matter other than to those who think if they pay for something it has more value.
In the case of additives like MMO or other practices the vast majority of posts are based on limited sample size. Only after large number of samples are properly analyzed and all other variables are eliminated can some conclusion be reached with a reasonable degree of confidence. That someone has used XYZ product for years without problems doesn't prove anything any more than someone who smokes for years without problems.

OTOH a few busted knuckles or rounded nuts will quickly teach that box wrenches are safer and do a better job that open or adjustable wrenches. A small sample size provides meaningful data in that case. That opinion is worth considering by each reader.

I too have some trusted professional sources but even then I carefully question their answers. perhaps I'll learn something or perhaps they will.

Funny thing about these discussions is that engine makers require certain operating conditions when their engines are under warranty and they will pay for failure. Despite that people regularly operate outside those parameters when the cost of failure is on them and report no problems. Who knows better the maker or the owner?

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Not going to quote your post but I'm quite sure you discovered STP works. Every time you used it your engine knocked. If you do it three times it's scientifically valid. But I'm sure the knocking was combustion .. not mechanical .. as FF suggested.

Funny you should mention Castrol 20W50. The guy I bought the little car from was the original owner (his wife) and she/he used Castrol 10W30 for 270K miles. They took it to a garage for all (every 3000) oil changes and the garage put in "Risoline" .. an additive that is essentially SeaFoam. Extremely high detergent. As soon as I switched to 20W50 (w/o the Risoline) my clutch stopped slipping. The rear main seal was probably worn out and oil was leaking onto the clutch. With the 20W50 oil the leaking stopped or slowed enough to allow the clutch to start working again most of the time. Lucky me.

Am I equating the mechanic for my Nissan to Bob Smith? Definitely. Neither engine or engines need or needed the additives and in one case WAY down the road (literally) a problem occurred from using the additive.

But my point is that mechanics are great and we should pay them well for what they do but they are not engineers. Their knowledge is limited and their exposure to science is usually much more limited so it's not uncommon for subjective advice to come from mechanics at times. But I usually listen to them closely but also usually question what they say. Lots of things mechanics said in the past has been thorally debunked now.


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