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Main Engine Oil PSI gauge keeps climbing?

Hi Folks,
On my way back from Catalina, I noticed my main engine oil PSI gauge kept climbing. It normally runs at around 60 PSI. It started climbing gradually over about an hour and got up to over 125 PSI. I shut that motor down for 15 mins then started it back up. Registered 60 PSI, then started gradually climbing again to 125 PSI. Oil level is fine.

They are 1985 Volvo Penta turbo diesels 235 hp with only 1100 hrs.

The other motor is fine. Runs a steady PSI.

I can't figure out what might be the issue.

Any thoughts?

Thank you,


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Oil sender or bad gage.I recently had problem with oil gage maxing out.It was oil gage.Bought new one but oil gage read double what it should be .Bought another sender with different ohm reading and it worked fine.Apparently the oil sender has to match the oil gage.Your problem could be something different.Thought there was some sort of relief valve somewhere. No doubt you find some good info here.

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Troubleshoot easy to hard. If there isn't an obvious engine issue or if you haven't changed anything recently on that engine, check your indication first, as it could be a sender or wiring issue. Generally speaking, this is how i have done it in the past:

With engine running pull wire from sender. Gauge should go to 0. With engine still running touch wire end to a ground. Bare metal on the engine would work. If the gauge goes to full scale, your wiring is good and quite possibly the sender is bad.

May want to do a little research first. But this is typically how they work.

Since you have twins you have the luxury of comparing gauges and senders. You can always check the sender with the opposite gauge by swapping the sender wire.
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Easiest way to decide if its electrical, or a bad pressure regulator in the oil system is to temp replace the electric gauge with a mechanical one.

OR fit a T and have both .
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