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Lucas motor oil additive???

What are the forums thoughts on the use of Lucas motor oil additive in an older engine? I have the 3208N in the boat just purchased--1600 hours on the engines. Don't know oil consumption, but my diesel mechanics strongly encourages me to change the oil* and add Lucas to the fresh oil? I think the oil change is a good idea so I will have a known starting point in that regard, but add Lucas??

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RE: Lucas motor oil additive???

snake oil....unless those engine have problems...they have another 8000 hours of good service if you treat them right...and then they can be rebuilt for a song for another 10,000 hours.

I sold my sportfish with twin 320hp 3208Ts with over 3500 hrs in a 1988 boat and the engine survey/oil analysis came back perfect a few years ago.

I'm a big believer in good old Rotella 15W40 (5W40 if operating in winter with no hot start)...changed every 200 hrs with no additives. Me and a whole bunch of guys have millions of miles and hundreds of thouands of hours on our diesels. All the hype about everything else is just that...unecessary hype and/or expense.

Synthetics are good for gear type non-combustion rigs...but combustion byproducts force you to change the oil more often (or at least when analysis says to) than in a gear gear oil that's sysnthetic is less of a waste as it can go much longer bewtween changes. Plus the synthetics do better at high temps that your engine should never see.

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RE: Lucas motor oil additive???

When you do the oil change, and that is a good idea, get an oil sample done and then keep doing it at each subsequent change.

As for the additive save your money for something else. Just use a good quality oil from a major.
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RE: Lucas motor oil additive???

I think this thread got moved to Power Systems.
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