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to Barpilot:
Marin retired from this forum I believe. I am sure that there are many personality types amongst GB owners. Treat it as a buffet and take what you like. I also suggest the same for this forum :-)

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Marin is a very smart guy with lots of hands on experience in many fields. He is one of those guys that can walk the talk and his attitude bothers me not one bit. His special gifts are missed on TF IMHO and not been replaced.

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Originally Posted by Barpilot View Post
Any chance at all that you could be just a little more pompous?
Bp - Pompous may be an understatement for Marin. Very intelligent is too; as is self righteous, sometimes viciously critical of others, and even insightful to the future... these terms and others also could well fit Marin. He and I, as well as he with several TF members, had a fair share of heated post-to-post go-rounds! To some on TF Marin was a virtual Demigod... to others not at all... and, to a few he was simply a BIG PIA. That said, he did post some good stuff, along with some bad. He split from TF when he hit 10,000 posts; then wandered in/out for a while. Guess he still occasionally trolls TF... I haven't noticed him post for a year +/-. Don't be too hard on the ol' boater - We all have our failings! Some members basically pleaded with him to not leave TF (I’m sure he loved that! – LOL). Others said good riddance. I wished him good bye! Marin isn’t really a bad person, just a bit misdirected on a few important counts... but, aren’t most of us all???

Regarding life cycle of gasoline engines / diesel engines: IMO: Life of any motor rests strongly on owner care, maintenance and use schedules/techniques. Engine longevity also is related to builder's design methods, engine model & HP, where manufactured, number of years age... and, many other factors.

All in all, due to product price differences, maintenance costs, and volumes of fuel use differences; diesel - vs - gas engines end up costing just about the same in the long run. There are multitudes of reasons for enjoying one over the other... in boats up to 45' that is. Bigger than that size boat; I believe diesel power far out performs gasoline power due to torque and sheer HP sizes available. You don't hear of gas engines much over 1K HP max. Diesels can be made that go into high fours, five or even six digit numbers of HP. Search archives and you will locate some really heavy-duty thread-discussions for Gas-vs-Diesel.

As to what defines a “Trawler” boat: My take on it – If it floats, is propelled primarily by props (can have mast and sail too), is self contained, can travel fair distances, it’s Ok to stay away from dock for a while, and it has a fair share of sea keeping capabilities – the word “Trawler” could be affixed to it... irrespective of hull design, sizes, layouts, power sources to the props... and other “oh really” items. If asked I prefer to think of our Tolly as a Power Boat Pleasure Cruiser! To some I like to respond: Why it’s a “Thcay”, silly! Finest type of boats in the world. They usually blink twice and simply whisper “OH”... If they’re real nice I let them know it’s yacht spelled backwards. So far – only one got that on their own – lol.

TF Members: If you desire, please write your congress person regarding my simple definition of a Trawler... cause they could care less what really defines a Trawler – just like ME!

Happy Trawler Daze! - Art
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I found Marin to have well thought-out opinions which he expressed clearly and courteously. If he tended to like himself or his boat a little to much, that is not the greatest sin in the world. IMHO his decision to withdraw from Trawler Forum was our loss.
If all else fails, read the instructions
If it ain't broke, don't fix it
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Mr. Marin?

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