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Lehman air filter modification

I remember reading a post on getting rid of the orginal air filter on a FL 120 and replace it with a simple system that uses Fram filters or other off the shelf brands. Any info or photos about that modification would be great as I am tired of seeing that sorry oily filter on my engine.

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There have been discussios about installing an AirSep closed crankcase filter system on the Lehman on the Grand Banks owners forum. At least one person has done it. I recall the consensus of many of the members was that it was cost and effort with little return on investment.

The main issue, as I recall, is what to do about the oil breather overflow pipe. on the stock FL120, which we have, the breather pipe simply goes down into the air cleaner "cage" and the fumes are drawn back into the engine. How much actual oil ends up in the cage seems to vary from engine to engine. Ours put very little oil into the cage so the foam filter elements stay fairly dry and oil-free. We clean them perhaps every couple of years or so. I've heard of other FL120 that send a fair amount of oil down the pipe and into the cage and onto the foam filter element.

I recall that the conversion to the AirSep filter required dealing with the oil issue but I don't recall what was done. The AirSep website includes several Lehman models in their "Search by Engine" window but the illustrations don't change from model to model in the naturally aspirated models. So you'd probably have to call Walker Engineering and talk to someone.

The Smiths at American Diesel may know of alternatives to the stock filter setup, too.

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Thanks Marin. About the oil breather, I think the guy drilled a hole somewhere and installed a fitting. Just not sure where!
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he used a filter with a large enough diameter that it cleared the top bracket and then he drilled a whole in the top of the filter center piece for the vent tube. I tried to to do the same but found the diameter of the filter did not extend out far enough for the breather tube. I use ShopVac foam filters. Works great!
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My PO just tiewrapped the breather hole to the side of the air filter...not pretty but it works...I have some "breather condensers" (oil recovery system) that I may try to attach this season

Any air filter that the neck fits would probably work....a torbo model may need more air...not sure...
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