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How to tighten Perkins 4.236 North American intake manifold center bolts

The way the exhaust manifold and intake manifold bolt to the block its nearly impossible to get at the center two bolts of the air intake. There is not enough clearance to swing a wrench and the offset is too deep. I have a arsenal of various 9/16 wrenches and none of them work. Is there a trick to this I am missing?

I have the order of operations down for everything else, its just these last two bolts that are stumping me. I can get them just beyond fnger tight and that is it. Not enough to compress the gasket. How important is the air intake connection on a diesel anyway?

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No need to buy one special if that half moon is all you need, heat one up and bend it, do it quick and not ruin the heat treatment, or oil bath the end you need to keep hard to keep it cool, or cut it out of plate, I have done it with a hacksaw and grinder. No cool wrenches like that here. Good luck
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So I actually have a 9/16 inch half moon wrench. It's helpful on some of the other bolts, but as far as I can see useless on those two center bolts that are tucked in behind the exhaust manifold. What I really need is a ratcheting half moon extra deep 45 deg offset wrench. Perhaps I'll try what ti325v has suggested.
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Waay back when I was an auto mechanic, I had a few of what are called crows foot sockets. These were basically an open end wrench jaw with a square drive hole instead of a handle you could put a socket extension on. Got me into some really tight spots and worked great. I was working on a Perkins 4-236 just yesterday and know the bolts you are speaking of. The crow foots I think would work well on them. I believe I got mine from Snap on or Cornwell back in the day (1970's).

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prerkins 4.236

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