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One is about $2 and one is about $5.

Every style of clamp is cheaper if you get them by the box , not the each.

Since spares are nice,,,,,

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my 2c.
any type of clamp can fail. imo the biggest thing is using the correct style clamp for the application. you cannot use a normal worm clamp on silicone hose with out the risk of it cutting into the hose. that's why they make clamps with a extended band on the inside to shield the hose from the worm screw area. also intended operating psi will dictate what should be used. take boost pipes for example. on a cat 3500 series engine it uses 4 turbos feeding into 2 6" pipes. they use silicone connections with double ct clamps per side. and with 40lb of boost a single clamp would not hold very long before the hose pulled out from under the clamp. also keep in mind thermal expansion/contraction. t bolt clamps work very good but the ones with out the tension spring will not give and you could potentially split a hose once the component comes up to operating temp.

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