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Fuel filter for 9.9hp outboard

Anyone have a recommendation for a fuel filter for a 9.9hp outboard? I'm considering Racor's 120R-RAC-01, 30 GPH. Any experience with this one?

Richard Cook
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I have been using the small inline types for years. The ones you can buy at any auto parts store. That is what I currently have on my Yamaha 15.

Jay Leonard
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It really depends on how much filtration you think you need.. And whether you want a something permanently mounted or in line as mentioned.

They Racor is a nice unit and obviously has a lot more filter area and should do a better job I would think of trapping water than most in line units.
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For a small engine like that you should not need to worry too much about water in the fuel, because your fuel tank is most likely also small. Your fuel should be used relatively fast and not sit in the tank to collect moisture or deteriorate. Also, because of the tank size, it ios easy to buy your fuel from a gas station that has high turnover and good quality 95 octane!! Just go with a simple in line filter, as suggested earlier.
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What causes these small engines to plug up isn't lack of filtration. It's a combination of alcohol gas left to sit in half empty fuel tanks and failure to run the gas out of the carb at the end of a period of use.

Last month, I picked up a newer 15hp Mercury that hadn't been run for 18 months. Nice engine but it wouldn't start. $200 later (Carburetor rebuild) and she purrs like a kitten. The outboard shop said they get 4 or 5 per week with the same problem. They recommend avoiding alcohol gas as much as possible. Otherwise dump out any unused gas from the tank, disconnect the fuel line and run the engine to empty the carb.
Larry B
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I too have used one of the small inline plastic filters for years on my 8HP. I keep a spare beneath the cover.

Of course the fuel gets used in a relatively short time period. As far as I can tell there has never been dirt.

The only trouble I have had is as pointed out, Run the fuel out at shutdown, keep a stabilizer in the fuel and use the high octane 92 or 95 that does not yet have alcohol..

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