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Question Freshwater coolant test

My two engines take about 21 quarts each, is there a way to test it before spending $$$ to replace havoline extended life coolant.


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Any CAT dealer sells test strips. I’ll bet any truck part place would too. Truck dealers?

My cooling system is 180 litres

Don't believe everything that you think.
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Test strips will tell you if the freezing point is ok. But anti-corrosion additives, etc are just as important. I don't think you can test for those, so replace the coolant every 3-5 years.

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There are test strips from CAT or NAPA that show pH and nitride level in addition to freeze protection. They are typically for standard SCA compatible coolants. I don't think they work with OAT and similar coolants.
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CAT does coolant analysis, just like they do oil analysis. You can send them a sample from each engine and they can give you a report on all sorts of things. I think they often have multiple price points of testing, simple showing the chemical composition of the coolant and current level of protection (FP, BP, anti-corrosion, pH, conductivity). Next level analyzes contaminants and likely sources, e.g. corroded metals, scaling, etc.

If you send your oil to a CAT dealer for analysis -- you can likely send your coolant same place. I'd recommend giving them a call. If not, I'd call whoever you send your oil to. If you don't send oil out, or whever does your oil can't do coolant, I'd call the nearest CAT dealer or CAT-SOS-service provider.

Or, finding the nearest CAT dealer and calling them.
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You can ad anti-corrosion, water pump lube, etc., to your existing coolant. Better auto parts stores and truck stops have them.
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As mentioned there are test strips that will measure antifreeze concentration and nitrites for corrosion protection.

I agree that Cat will test coolants. The program is called SOS .
I'll guess that other labs do coolant testing also.
Call them.

I've used the Cat SOS for over 30 yrs both for y boat but also at work for out machinery and they have several different testing programs.
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In FL 50/50 is not required , the next Ice Age may be on its way , but not soon.

2 gallons of antifreeze per engine , the rest being distilled water , will give better heat transfer than 50/50.

The goodies in antifreeze can become acidic after just sitting to long in the engine.

Think of it as insurance .

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