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Originally Posted by CaptTom View Post
Thanks, I don't have the manual. My logs aren't lubricated from the engine, so I assume I'd be OK freewheeling at low speed. Sounds like 4-6 knots would work. I don't expect it would be often, but it still makes sense to keep some chain in the engine room.
I bought a big rubber/plastic strap wrench at Harbor Freight...looks sturdy enough to do the job without beating up the coupling or shaft, although I haven't tested it.

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Originally Posted by Iceberg View Post
The BW lubricates from the main engine via pump ontranny
If you're talking about the BW Velvet Drive this is not correct. The Velvet Drve marine gear is totally separate from the engine's lube system and in fact uses ATF, not engine lube oil.

However depending on the model of VD it may be permissible to operate a VD on engine lube oil, but there is still no connection between the VD's lubrication system and the engine's.

There may be other models of BW marine gears that do use the engine's lube oil instead of their own self-contained fluid but if there are I don't know which ones they are.

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The lube pump in a Twin Disk Marine Gear is on an idler gear, which is driven off the input shaft. So the engine must be running to have pressure in the gearbox. I have read, but not verified, that this brand of transmission may be freewheeled without lube pressure for up to one hour . The engine then has to be restarted to force fresh lube oil into the output/thrust bearing. I have considered installing an external circulation pump in order to operate single engine for fuel savings, but for that scenario it is easier to simply alternate the operating engine every hour. (Stuffing box cooling would have to be modified, which is quite easy on our boat).
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The main engine drives the oil pump on BW.Thought I stated that but guess not.Sorry for mix-up.

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