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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
The FL120 operators and parts manuals are also available online from various sites. The Grand Banks owners site has them in PDF form in the "manuals" section. I believe you have to be a member to access the manuals section but the GB forum is free to join.
I have mine posted here:

Index of /CHB

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Many thanks !!

Subscribed to the GB Forum and sure enough -- manuals galore ...enough reading for a year!!!!! ...... learning continues ... much appreciated john

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Originally Posted by cabokurt View Post
1980 Ford Lehman, 120 horse, 6 cly. diesel engine. Low hours maybe 2000 hours.
She smokes blue grey out the exhaust. When we drained the oil out of the fuel injector pump their was diesel in it??? Some neighbor say that it could be coming from the valve galley under the valve cover???
Any help would be great.
Do Ford Lehmans smoke when started up in the winter?

Do bears $hit in the woods?

Diesel is still oil. Just replace it with the same as in the crankcase when you change the oil. And don't strip the level plug.
Al Johnson
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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
Absolutely...........I put extension tubing on the coolant overflow pipe that comes out of the neck of the header tank on each engine and fed it into a cleaned out quart oil bottle that sits in each engine's drip pan. As the coolant heats up the excess is blown out of the tank and down into the bottle. When I do my engine room check before the next day's startup (or whenever the next cold startup is) it's a simple matter to pour the coolant from the quart bottle back into the header.
Hey, Marin, that sounds a bit like something out of "Catch 22" . Remember the guy with a catheter at one end, and drip in the other, and the nurse just swapping the bottles as one emptied and the other filled. You must have read it. If not, I suggest you do....

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