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Ford Lehman

Hi there
My engine does not repond immediately similar to a car
Hit startbutton and seemed dead
Release and hit again and she chugs over
Starter battery is new and
I ave cleaned the connections from battery to solenoid
But what else would you suggest?

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Keith, I get that too, occasionally. I suspect it relates to making contact at the button. Interested in the responses.

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It is usually caused by a loss of voltage to the solenoid or the connectors inside the solenoid become pitted from arcing over time. When you push the button it creates an electro-magnetic field in the solenoid that pulls a copper disc into the post where the heavy battery cables are connected to. At the same time the bendix gear engages the ring gear on the flywheel. If you have a voltage drop the disc starts arcing on the disc causing it to get pitted and makes the connection worse each time you crank the engine. A heavier gauge wire to the starter or adding a relay closer to the started will help. Depending on the make of starter the solenoid can be rebuilt.
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Check your battery connections and your grounds first.

Also, you didn't say what boat you have? On Grand Banks, there is a factory-installed pair of relays mounted on the bulkhead that combines the start and house batteries when you hit the start button. If this fails, you are only starting with one bank which, with ancient cabling, might be a bit deficient for spinning the old clam-crusher fast enough for a good start.

I tossed mine and used a battery switch.
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Connect the on board V meter , if you have one at the starter ternmnals , it will allow easy trouble shooting.
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