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Ford Lehman 120hp recommended engine mount replacements?


I am currently negotiating the purchase of a GB32 in Queensland Australia. The owner has just contacted me and advised that the starboard forward engine mount has deteriorated due to an oil leak from the water pump.

I am seeking advice on replacement mounts that would be available in Australia.

If I go ahead with the purchase I would do the engine mounts, shaft coupling if required. And more importantly re install a water trap muffler that has been removed and not replaced.

Any advice would be appreciated, especially any Australian experiences.

Thanks in anticipation,

Mark G

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Congratulations on finding your boat. Someone used to advertise engine mounts in Afloat magazine, but not now, I found Isoflex and Polyflex on a search, see what you find.
Are you DIY for this job or researching? Using a mechanic to realign the engine would be a good, depending on your expertise.
Sounds like the water pump needs attention too. There is a problem with the drive often touched on in old threads. There is a Johnson replacement I think, best talk to American Diesel (another search), they respond well to questions and happily send parts to Australia.

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Search Polly Flex. Mine have been fine.

I wonder if there's someone here w a Lehman that has an Aqua Drive w their super soft mounts?

For a regular mount R&D looks very good to me. I think they come out of the UK.

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Try contacting American Diesel who are 'THE' Lehman guys.

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I had the same problem: with my both 120“s (1980) when I bought my GB 42 10 years ago

You have to consider that all the thrust at the propeller is transmitted by the shaft to the couplings and to the engine mounts !!, in other words, the engine mounts in a simple installation are pushing your boat, therefore they are important components in transmission and engine vibration

What I did with excellent results after 4000 miles:

1.- move to Aquadrive 50223 x4
They are very soft and balanced for the weight of your engine.
You can look to their catalogue in the web.

2.- change both engines to the same mounts

3.- align shaft and engines (expert job) in particular for the length in GB's)

4.-if you want no vibration at all, use the engine shaft coupling of vetus BULFL appropriated for your shaft. (you will have to cut some of shaft length, probably). Also check in this case clearance between propeller and main shaft strut should be of about 1 inch in order to provide play for rubber compression at different rpm“s

If you do this you will have some benefits:

a) absorption of shaft misalignement up to 5 degrees
b) Power transmission to the rubber instead to metal in the engine, softer and less bearings wear
c) less mechanical noise
d) better grip to the shaft due to design of couplings

Good Luck !!!
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Thank you to all who replied good food for thought.

I have also posted a new question on water trap/muffler replacement for those who might be interested.


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