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Exhaust Problem

On my Nova Sundeck trawler, I have a stainless steel*connector between the*port engine lift muffler hose**and the exhaust hose that*goes through the aft engine room bulkhead. It has developed pinhole leaks and I need to repair it.*Getting the piece out involves removing the*port engine muffler and the gen set muffler. I do not relish doing this*more than once.
If I get the pinholes*heliarced*I could get another pinhole the next day. Getting a new piece made up would be cost prohibitive.* Can I eliminate the piece altogether and*go with hose through the bulkhead? Can I repair the connector using JB Weld, fiberglass epoxy, etc.? Any thoughts out there?

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Exhaust Problem

I had a similar problem in the past and I used Devcon Plastic Steel. JB Weld is a similar product and I think it would work well! Devcon Plastic Steel ACE used to sell it.

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RE: Exhaust Problem

The only problem with repairing it at this point is that the holes develop from the inside and chances are pretty good new leaks will soon develop. You would be better served and save yourself a lot of hassle and just replace the connectors on both engines if they are of the same age. Unless this is an emergency repair to get home, you can deal with it now or deal with it later when it might be much less convenient.
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RE: Exhaust Problem

On our GB the fiberglass lift mufflers are connected to the bronze exhaust ports in the transom by single lengths of wire-reinforced exhaust hose. The hoses run through several bulkheads on their way from the engine room to the stern. We have FL120s so the exhaust isn't all that hot. But I wouldn't think there would be a need for stainless sections where the exhaust runs through your engine room bulkhead unless the exhaust runs quite hot, in which case I would think the stainless section would be insulated, or there is the potential for vibration to wear a hole through a hose because of contact with the bulkhead. Of if the stainless section in some way provides support for the lift muffler.

I would not change the setup without consulting a professional who knows about exhaust requirements, but I would think you could eliminate the stainless section and just go with exhaust hose.
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RE: Exhaust Problem

I'd just replace it with a fiberglass connector and be done with it forever. You should be able to find those at any good marine supplier or on the web.
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