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Engine Paint

I just had work done on my 3208 Cats - painted white (both injection pumps rebuilt). The mechanic painted all of the parts that he had off of the engine but none of the nicks/scratches that happened on the nuts and bolts when it was reassembled.

When shopping for my boat, I looked at some where the engine paint had been neglected and the engines had started to morph into rusty-looking hulks. They still ran but certainly didn't look like what I want mine to look like. Absent the recent work I had done, my engines and paint are in really good shape and I'd like to keep them that way.

I believe that paint on clean metal is the first line of defense against external rust/corrosion and goes a long way toward protecting the system. My question is how to make that happen? My first thought is just to use spray paint but I'm not sure that's the best way. Any tips from the group?

Also, anyone have any suggestions on what kind of paint to use and which paint will match Caterpillar white? I'm sure I can buy Cat brand paint from the dealer but I'm wondering if maybe there's something similar that is more easily available and just as durable.


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When I paint I am going to Sherwin Williams and buy the paint in gallon form and use my hvlp sprayer. I've got to paint several layers on 4 engines. For what you have I would just get a rattle can from the dealer. Unless you want to change the color.

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We use automotive engine spray paint out of the can. We periodically touch up areas such as behind the oil or transmission coolers when we change or service them. If I have a bolt head, I'll spray into a empty yogurt container and use a Q-tip as a brush. The big down side to spray paint is the prep to protect the surrounding areas from the over spray plus the fumes from a health and safety standpoint. Our SP135 has ~8k hours on her.
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to easily cover surrounding hoses or areas that don't need want overspray...just crumple aluminum foil around it
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You can get Duplicolor engine paint at most auto stores. I know NAPA carrys it.
Dupli-Color :: Engine Paint with Ceramic
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I have always painted my engines with brush-on engine paint. I think you get a good heavy coat and you can put it where you want it without worrying about fumes or getting overspray all over everything in the compartment. With the right couple of brushes, you can get a good coat everywhere you need it not just a dusting.
I have used the machinery paint from Tractor Supply Co. but I looked on their site and didn't see it now. It was by Valspar I think, pints & quarts as I recall.
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White paint yellowing

put a few drops of blue in white brush on paint to be brighter-non yellowing.

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Thanks for the replies. Brooksie, I never even knew they made brush on engine paint. Seems like you would certainly get a nice thick coating. I also like the cup with a q-tip idea.

I went down today to see it for the first time since the work was done and found that the new paint is MUCH whiter than the old paint which has yellowed over time. So now I've either got to live with the difference or decide to paint the whole engine.....


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