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Diesel Fuel testing kits

Any advice and recommendations on what type of Diesel Fuel Testing kits to purchase would be appreciated. I'm heading to the Turks & Caicos from Palm Beach, FL at the end of May and thought it would be a good idea to carry some of these kits with me, especially if I need to purchase fuel at some questionable remote places. I do have a fuel polishing system and also plan on carrying a supply of Standadyne Performance Formula diesel fuel additive. I thought it would be good especially to test for water. Thanks in advance for your advice. Capt Mike

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I would find a Baja style filter to catch the debris and water, rather than test it.

The Baja filters tend to be fairly slow to fill a large tank

I have seen setups where folks use hose and clamps to install a Raycor 1000 or two on the fill nozzle to allow a faster fill, and catch much of the bad stuff.

If your tank has a bottom drain , after an overnite much of the water can be drained.

If its a real fuel tank, not just a fuel box, the sump will be a lifesaver.

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Kolor Kut water testing paste for about $6.00 a tube. Rub some on a stick and test THEIR tank prior to filling, yours afterward. The paste will turn red from tan if water is present.
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I'm with FF on the Baha style filter. It will filter out any water or sediments. The only problem is it's slow, less than 5 gallons/minute. The original Baha filters are discontinued. West Marine sells something similar now.
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