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Diesel fuel contamination

I have been, for months, experiencing a fuel problem and I believe have finally
isolated the cause which is most unusual and vexing to all I have spoken to.
My fuel line immediately after the ball valve at my diesel tank is blocked with what looks like shards of glass or rock salt. The shards are "gin clear" and will emulsify in water but obviously not diesel fuel.
My fuel tanks are GRP and were spotless at new build, vacuumed out and solvent washed down, the shards are not GRP.
I have for several years been using KILLEM diesel fuel bio-side/additive and normally have a small amount of black film in the primary filter bowls at service intervals which I expect but never before seen the shards.
I fuel via a deck level fuel filler which beds on the rubber "O" ring and there is a stainless ball valve under the deck as insurance against and ingress.
Any ideas what this may be, what may have caused it and any solutions??

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I was in Russell two years ago, what a great boating haven. It sure sounds like salt. Is your tank vent on the outside of the hull? Dip your tank and pull some fuel off the bottom and let it sit in a glass jar for a bit. See what shows up, then have it analyzed. Good luck, sounds puzzling
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