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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
"throway engines" immediately IDs an urban legend user. Besides: 1) 350k miles in that use equates to 9000 hours or so. 2) we ain't driving busses here

350k miles = 12,500 hrs

Before I was driving boats, I was driving school buses and CAT's in the 1950's. I commercially fished the GL, then I started rebuilding diesel engines - so I saw what happens to them when not taken care of properly. Twenty years in the RCAF as - you guessed it - airframe mechanic, then I went to marine diesel mechanic school in the 1970's. Went to Amsterdam - studied hard and got my 100T license and then 1000T a few years after. Still tinkered with DD's and CATS making them work better, not harder.

My brother and Dad and Grand Dad all built boats - mainly from wood and steel. To say that all the good wood is gone - that's just wrong. There's plenty out there, you just need to know where and how much money you want to spend. They never built a single line - it was all custom work. You won't see or find a single one in NA. They were all delivered by me to EU, SA and the ME.

The present 28m ocean tug I own outright. I custom designed it to work better, use less fuel and provide a steady income for my family and my 13 member crew.

So, when I'm done with this tow - I'm back to building beautiful works of art - never will they see anything beyond Greenland or the Irish Sea

Capt Freddie
M/V Ghostrider III
28m ocean tug, DD671NA, keel cooled, dry stack
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