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Detroit 6-71 Bleeding Anti Freeze onto the Head

Hello gents. I've been trying to search but I've been working a month straight on the road. I went to crank up the port engine and noticed some anti freeze on the head. I mopped it up and fired it up. Not to long, 20 seconds I noticed the oil that was bleeding out of the rocker arms (I had the valve cover off) started to turn a little milky. I shut it down right away and I think that I have a leaking valve guide. This motor was closest to the fire when she burned. The antifreeze was bubbling up around the valve. I called the local detroit shop and they said it would be about $1600 or $1800 for a remanned head. Should I try to replace the guides myself? I'll pull the head but I hate to spend the money if the heads not cracked. I don't know if getting hot would cause the guides to get hard but I'm sure the rest of the head is fine. Thanks Paul

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OK, a couple of comments, and first IANAJM (I Am Not A Jimmy Mechanic). However, I have a 6-110 in Island Eagle, and I have seen some weird fluids in weird places.

So, first, the leak might be coming from around the injector. Jimmy injectors are surrounded with thin copper shields, and these cam deteriorate and leak. Just an idea.

However, second, I would absolutely either get your head rebuilt or get a remanned one. For the 6-71 this should be really, really inexpensive, especially down in your area. Don't bother trying do do anything in place.

Last but not least this is where you want to become good friends with a Jimmy mechanic. Just a suggestion, but what I did was to go to my local Detroit Diesel shop and got the name of a guy who just retired. He knows the 2 strokes well and was happy to come and work for a few hours of cash pay.

Scott Welch
Island Eagle
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