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cutlass bearing

When we haul out next month to do our bottom job we want to replace our cutlass bearings (because of their age).* We have *1 1/4 shafts-we have been looking at Johnson and duramax*among some other brands.* What*are* the recommendations*out there.* Thanks for your suggestions...

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RE: cutlass bearing

Mostly there is little difference , but there is a difference in the outside diameter of the cutlass , on the same shaft sizes. Hope the local dist, has your size in stock!

If on inspection your shaft is crapped from sand in the water , shaft saver does work.

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RE: cutlass bearing

Thanks so much...we appreciate the post.* Have a good weekend.

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RE: cutlass bearing

I did my cutlass bearings on a different boat last year trying to isolate a vibration problem. I have 1 1/4" shafts and tried to find the outer diameter of the bearings, but finally ended up diving the boat with a plastic caliper so I could pre-order the right sizes.
That boat had V-drives and the shaft couplers were difficult to get to to separate so I used a Strut-pro puller and can highly recommend it. It took me 45 min. a side after the props were off, but I'm old and slow and it was a hot day. An even better way would be to find a strong 20-something with a willingness to pull away at a wrench for a while.
The Strut-pro factory is in Washington State, easiest way to find it is google it. If you think you might want to use one PM me.
It turned out the vibration was from a prop key that was not chamfered to match the prop so the prop was slightly off-center, causing the wear to the bearing and the vibration.
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