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Originally Posted by bnoft View Post
Many boats
I don't think Cummins is in any financial difficulty. They have a strong balance sheet. Engine sales to truck manufacturers have dropped a bit; US sales have been strong until very recently. Sales to China and Brazil are way down, no surprise given their economies. Can't give you a break down on marine sales.
Now the stock, which reached about 160, has dropped to about 85; a reflection of concerns that US sales may have stalled and foreign sales remain poor. It trades at about a 9 P/E.
Well a stock going down that much would seem like trouble to me. But as a pleasure boat owner wanting to have Cummins products available as before this may not be bad berries. If it was others would probably be talk'in about it and they aren't. Thanks for the reassuring info.


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unfortunately, there are a lot of stocks down 20-35%, granted CMI is off more like 45%, both are painful

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The world is so awash in debt that many businesses world wide are attempting to play Keep Alive , rather than expanding.

This brings down CAT , Cummins , DD, JD and other construction enableing businesses.
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If you have never opened the heat exchangers on your Cummins it is a good thing to do. Mechanics sometimes don't bother getting the old zinc residue out when servicing the system. My boat was only a couple of years old when I got it but I found several zinc stubs blocking the sendure HEs.

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