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RE: Closing off sight gauges

"In fact, I would assume that the best way to calibrate your Floscans would be to use a sight gauge!!!"

Far too coarse,

The way a Flo Scan is calibrated is with repeated fuel fills . This can get the unit within 1 or 2%.

Look at your "half" line on the site gauge , can you tell me it is 96 gal or 106gal on a 200G tank?

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Closing off sight gauges

ARoss wrote:

Amen, rwidman. My old MT had tanks replaced at some point in its shadowy life, but there's no way to tell how much fuel's in them, other than a MKI Mod 2 dipstick.

I experimented with installing float switches in the top inspection holes, and after fiddling with them to avoid a baffle in the tank, and then find the d-- things just don't work reliably anyway, ., I am back to sticking the tanks, logging gallons in, etc. Finally got a dipstick marked reasonably accurately, *by knowing *how much I was putting in at each fuel stop.

Installing sight gauges would nice, but at this stage in the old boat's life (and mine!) it's probably not gonna happen. *
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I can't "stick" mine either.* I thought I might be able to through the deck fill but there's a "S" bend in the hoses.* Electric gauges are not that accurate.* The only way to know when the tank is full is to fill it until fuel comes out the vent and that's frowned upon in most places.* As for when it's empty, I don't really want to find out.

As for a flo scan, well they are pretty expensive for a diesel.* And since I have two tanks and one engine, I could still run one tank dry and suck air.


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RE: Closing off sight gauges

FF wrote:

"In fact, I would assume that the best way to calibrate your Floscans would be to use a sight gauge!!!"

Far too coarse,

Floscans are great, had them on my last boat and loved them, but they are darn expensive, and take time to install.* Now, my sight gauges are calibrated quite accurately.* I started with an empty tank, and simply marked the gauge at 50 gallon increments.* If the boat is level, I can easly get an accurate measurement of the fuel remaining.* To determine actual fuel consumption, I simply top off the tanks to the exact same place on the site gauge and do the math.* Certainly my method won't allow for instant feedback like the Floscans, so it's harder to find the "sweet spot" for fuel consumption, but it's close enough for us.....................Arctic Traveller

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Closing off sight gauges

Reviving this old thread.

I am getting paranoid about not having valves on my sight tubes, which are plastic hose slipped over welded in elbow fittings located top and botton on the tanks and secured to the fittings by hose clamps.

Its going to be a frig to figure out how to put valves on these. It will probably involve draining the tanks and having someone (not me) cut out the fittings and weld in new fittings that are tapped for threads. Unless I can use something like SharkBite fittings if they can be used with diesel fuel.

Also having trouble finding self closing valves. McMaster Carr has some but they are part of/or applicable to a glass sight tube assembly and are quite pricey.

I would really like to use the push button type of self closing valve (I think that Walt may have this type on Seahorse II) but so far I have not been able to locate a supply source for these in the USA. They seem to be available in Australia and England. Does anyone know of a US source for these? Like the one shown here but with NPT threads.

Anyone have any bright ideas?

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