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RE: CAT 3208 T's and running bigger twin diesels

"But somebody must think one would burn less fuel that way or this conversation would not be taking place. "


The point of the exercise is to INCREASE the loading on the single engine to save IT , not the fuel it burns. Extra fuel is cheap, compression fix on a throw away engine would be costly!

Unfortuniatly the simple offshore expediant of removing one prop would not help in a loop run as the numerous locks , and perhaps marina nights require fair manuverability.

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CAT 3208 T's and running bigger twin diesels

Here's a twin engine configuration on a Sumnercraft from the 60s you all may find interesting. No counter rotating engine required. I had a 29' Sumnercraft but it had SS. Not conventional though. The cross section was wine glass but w a fat stem and the engine was 90% inside the keel w a horizontal (nearly) P shaft. The trailing edge of the keel was faired to one side above the p shaft and to the other side below the p shaft. The result was that the water passing the TE of the keel was thrust sideways into the advancing propeller blade. The keel acted like the stator blades on a jet engine. Great boat but I gave it up and kept the Willard.Couldn't post the drawing and picture.
It was "not a valid image file".
The twin engine concept:
Engines in tandem but the fwd engine is turned around 180 deg so the timing ends are together. One p shaft runs alongside the engines and both are belt driven (probably the reason we don't see this configuration now).


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