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Bayliner 3870 with Chrysler Deisels

Hello - am a new owner of a 1985 Bayliner 3870 with Chrylser diesels. The engine temperature gauges are made by Faria and arent working. To test if gauges or sending units, does anyone know the electrical characteristics that I can test for at the panel with the engine running and up to operating temperature? Are the engine sending units made by the gauge manufacturers?

Thanks in advance

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I don't think there are many (if any) TF members with that engine. To the best of my knowledge, Chrysler did not manufacture their own diesels and bought the engines from Mitsubishi. They don't seem to have been very popular and Bayliner soon replaced them with Hino's. This is probably a question that should be posed on rather than TF but due to rarity, you might not get a response there either. Good luck on finding parts for that engine.

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Chrysler had a deal with Nissan for Diesel engines. Have not seen or worked on one in so many years I don't think I remember much about them.
Guessing that if,in fact, the gauges are electric and not mechanical you will end up replacing both gauge and sender. You could test resistance of the sender from cold and watch to see if it changes but even if you work out if it the gauge or the sender which is not working I don't know where you might find parts.
So probably just replace the whole set up with off the shelf parts.
My 2 cents
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The Chrysler branded engines in the early 38xx bayliners were made by Mitsubishi. The best place for info on these would be the Bayliner owners club forum, there are several owners of 38 series on it and a few with the Mits. The best way to check if it's the gauge or sender is to remove the wire from the sender and ground it with the key switch on. If the gauge pegs when you do this the gauge and wiring are good and the sender has failed. When you ground the wire and nothing happens at the gauge then the gauge or possibly the wiring is at fault.

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