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6BT5.9 M Injectors

Launched the boat and noticed a very slight sheen on the water behind each exhaust. It was my plan to have the injectors pulled as soon as we launched anyway ..... When I did pull them, two injectors in each engine were absolutely soaked, a few were quite gummy looking at the tips. Got them in a shop for a rebuild ..... This will also give me a chance to go over and map out my fuel systems, I really don't know what I got and the mechanic gets dizzy looking at it ....

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When I have a very short run (like you undock to refuel and be back right away without having the engine warmed enough), next time I start up I have a slight sheen in the exhaust, but if the engine is warmed up before I stop it does not occur, is it your case?


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Now would be a good time to adjust the valve lash while the injectors are out and the engine's easy to bar over. If you have the operation/maintenance manual for the engine, it details the process pretty well. Not a difficult job, need a set of feeler gauges and a couple wrenches. My 6BT manual recommends valve lash adjustment every 2000 hrs.
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"This will also give me a chance to go over and map out my fuel systems,"

Great idea as the next time you look it may be when the engine is sputtering and you may be barfing into a pail.

KISS never fails.
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