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Originally Posted by Art View Post

In addition to the closer to a refinery the higher the retail price of fuels, as you mention (it is the same here with Chevron)... currently per barrel cost was last this low in Oct 2011 and it has been decreasing for weeks, yet gas and diesel retail prices keep going up, up, up. At least in this area - they are!
It's no different here. At Costco today regular was (IIRC) $4.11 a gallon. Name brand gas stations are always at least $0.30 higher per gallon than Costco and sometimes even more. Just last week Costco was about $3.90 a gallon (regular).

But having a quarter of the state's refining capabilities down for overhaul has provided an excuse for our price increases and it's expected to go higher as this particular refinery depletes its stockpile of refined fuel, if it hasn't already.

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The base stock of gas is all the same , so it can be traded on the open market, delivered most anywhere.

What changes in different areas is the additives required.

That is also how the octane is changed for the same fuel.

More or less food destroyed/refined into the fuel, to help voting farmers , and "save" the air.

In some areas there are ways for dealers to purchase unadulterated fuel. Doesn't eat gas tanks , hoses gaskets and gets about 10% better mileage.

The cost is usually an extra 20c per gallon which boaters line up to pay.

10% of $4.00 is .40c so at 20c extra the ethanol free gas pays for it self.

States are unhappy at this as the tax extraction is by the gallon , and more efficient fuel is seen as a TAX EXPENSE.

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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
But if you go over the mountains to eastern Washington fuel tends to be cheaper. Go figure.
There is a refined product pipeline that runs to Moses Lake from Billings and points south. Another runs from refineries in SLC through southern Idaho to Pasco.

As far as refined petroleum is concerned (and some crude as well) the land east of the Cascades is a different world with no connection to the West.
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Just to see what the results would be, I ran from home to southern Cal on Regular (in my Volvo) and back on premium. the result was, in rough numbers, 10% higher cost for premium, 10% better mileage with premium.

Most stations post a sign saying "may contain up to 10% ethanol" on their regular pumps, "up to 5%" on their mid grade, no sign on premium.

Marin: Costco says "up to 10% Ethanol" on their regular pumps here in Coquitlam. I shop there when I can, as they are always the best price.
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That is truly amazing. I'd a never thunk.

That makes me think that some detonation must be happening that is not noticeable to drivers. There are other variables and it's possible you got better milage for other reasons but it's sure is reason to do some research.

I'm going to buy a VW NewBeetle when I get down south and VW and some owners say higher octane fuel is recommended w the turbo versions. Drove a turbo and absolutely love the thing. I assumed it was right in the middle between needing and not needing. Was think'in unless you put your foot in it a lot it would'nt be needed. Was also think'in I'd prolly use reg but now w your experience.........

Somewhere there must be some studies done.
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All the turbo versions of Subaru's lineup require premium. I would be very hesitant to use regular in a vehicle that the manufacturer says should have premium, particularly in today's computer-controlled engines. According to my BMW-shop-owning friend, an engine that is set up for premium and will not run as advertised without it. Using regular could even void the warranty depending on the manufacturer.
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If modern engine computers detect detonation, they retard the ignition timing to prevent engine damage. That reduces power, and increases engine temps.

Larry H
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