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Frankly, every time I have been inspected by the CG I have been eager to show them how buttoned down I am. I enjoy the inspections and take time out to chat with the guys as they go around the vessel.
In fact the last time they forgot to ask for my Inland Nav Rules book, so as they were leaving I told them to hang on, and grabbed it!

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Originally Posted by 78puget-trawler View Post
Well you got me there all right! In defense that was coupled to my reply about being a sea lawyer. It was not my intention as the OP to get into a big discussion as to the merits or lack thereof, of the CG's position relating to the BoR's. I had thought it might be an interesting discussion and in that I guess I should not be too disappointed.
It is an interesting just cant be about what you or I think...because believe me, I hate big government too....

We both get one vote and we know that there are lots of people out there that have many varied feelings on all sorts of things.

And it was a reasonable question on how much you actually have to do to assist in a boarding...unless there was a twist in the sense of do to much or too little just to keep'em off balance...but I don't think you meant that.

The real scary thing the USCG has pretty powerful LE authority...check out what many Fish and game guys can do. They CAN walk up and request you open a cooler or backpack...they can on the spot arrest and seize your assets if found with game not meeting the law. In Alaska the stories probably grew to the size of the states ego...but I knew enough to know it is pretty scary if you want to compare. I have heard the Florida guys are pretty good but when they have overstepped, it is in a big way and the law is usually on their side.

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It's actually pretty simple. Like boatpoker says, the Coast Guard will probably prefer to do the inspection without your help at all.........just stand back out of their way and answer questions. At some point, they may ask if you have weapons aboard. If you say yes (and you should if you do) they will ask you to take them out, unload them and place them in plain view somewhere ie: master stateroom bed or someplace similar. Then, they will continue their inspection.

I did many many safety boardings while I served in the USCG, although, it's been many years ago. Our objective was to make sure your boat and you were safe, not to harass you.

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