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Marine/Radiotelephone Operator in British Columbia?

Good Day,

We cruise extensively in BC waters, and we do not maintain a telephone capability there.

Can anyone advise if there exists the capability to make a landline phone call from the boat via VHF these days, please?


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I don't know about Canada but in the US we did have the ability to call a "Marine Operator" via VHF radio and have them patch into a landline. It was expensive but very good quality. Check if the area you will be cruising has a Marine Operator and which channel they monitor. Make the calls collect or you will be announcing your credit card numbers to the listening audience.

I made what had to be the most expensive phone call ever. I was coming down the coast of New Jersey and called the Atlantic City Marine Operator to make a collect call to my wife on her cell phone back in the days of roaming charges. The few minutes it took to arrange a meeting place in Cape May cost over $50.00! Piece of mind, priceless.

Al Johnson
34' Marine Trader
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What about a Satellite phone or a product like the Delorme Inreach? With the price of Sat Phones and such so cheap now it wouldn't take much use to justify it - not to mention the hassle and potentially dubious reliability of a VFH radiotelephone operator. The other advantage being you can toss it in the dink/liferaft in the even of an emergency or take it on land with you.
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