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Check list

While looking for my first boat I was onboard a commercial air pilotís vessel. On the helm was two laminated lists. One for start up and shut down.
My question is has anyone seen a comprehensive list like that and where to get a copy?

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Welcome aboard. Check lists are usually pretty specific to a boat. I would generate one based on what you need to accomplish your mission. When we used to travel hundreds of miles each way to the boat, I had a list at home to make sure I had everything I needed before I left home.

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Those who have them have usually made their own. THere is a lot of variation between boats and the equipment aboard.

I made my own years ago but let it slide.

You should easily be able to come up with your own. It simply depends upon how complicated you want to make it.
# is number or quantity

Gear box neutral
Sea cocks closed [#]
Fuel valves off [#]
Batt. sw. off [#]
Nav lgts off
Shore pwr cord plugged in
Batt chrgr. on
Windows closed
All control panel sw. OFF
Electronics OFF ---VHF[#] include the handhelds
-- AIS
-- Sounder[#]
-- Radar
-- Sound system
Lights off - cabin
W.S. wipers off
Depressurize water system
Stove shut off

and so on and so on.

I did mine simply by listing what I turned on or off over a period of time. Then formalized the list. And yes years ago I used it. I did the same for the RV when we were RVing.
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If I had such a list at the helm stations it would contain only one item - "Turn the d*&% Glendinning controls on."

The number of times I have been ready to go, on the FB, wife on the dock, and I look down to see no lights on the controls!

And I damaged the boat with doing this in the Abacos too.

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I have a few checklists that I am willing to share (for what it's worth), just PM me with an email address and I will send. However, I don't know how useful they will be (other than to use as a beginning template), as they are (as others have stated) quite boat specific.
I also use a series of tags or labels that I place at the helm. They say things like: "thru hull closed", "start battery off", etc. Now, because we are "winterized" I have several additional ones like: thruster battery off, ER vents closed, fuel tanks closed, etc. I use similar tags if I ever have to leave the engine (due to maintenance not complete) in a condition where it is not "runnable". The tags save me from making bad mistakes
At a minimum, I check over my lists at the start of each boating season as a reminder. I have on several occasions been reminded of things I might otherwise have forgotten about.
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Mr. J. Welcome aboard. I only have two reminders at the helm. Open sea cocks and turn off Naiad stabilizers when maneuvering. At my main electrical and sub panels I have placed pieces of red and green electrical tape adjacent to those switches that should be left on when leaving the boat for any length of time (green) and those that shouldn't ever be turned on (red). I have an old ferrite battery charger that is still wired in but never used BUT it may come in handy at some point.

When coming aboard, all green switches have been left on and I turn on the rest (unmarked).

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