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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
In our state, property tax is supposed to be assessed at the market value of the property. In practice, the tax assessment value is typically well below market value. One of the reason, I think, for this is it lessens the work for the assessors office arguing over the assessed value. If my tax assessed goes up on my house and I complain to the assessor office about it, they then can determine what the market value of my house really is and assess it accordingly. That tends to cut down on the complaints.

In Texas it is illegal to RAISE the assessment if you protest. That is unethical to threaten you that way. But they can say they wont reduce it. Then you can take it to arbitration and if that fails to court. I have never been to court but several times to arbitration. The arbitration board is made up of unpaid volunteers that have no vested interest in the case either way and they are unusually my opinion.

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Since I have owned a in the water boat, I'm had it behind my house or in the slip I owned in the keys in marathron at Harbour Cay Club. It was a small 24 slip marina that is a co-op with 24 owners and was a great boater/liveaboard marina with a shop, clubhouse,apartment for use by owner/family ,small boat area,trailer parking and about 2 acres of property. A great location in the keys and a great starting point to start cruise from. Prices have gone up and down ,but with limited slips in the keys as well as Florida ,I think buying a slip would be the best option when you want a place to dock your boat and liveaboard for some time. Cruisng not so much.

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Originally Posted by syjos View Post
I own a boathouse at a Yacht Club in the PNW which I paid $17,000 for in 2003. Spent about another $10,000 on materials raising the roof and replacing sheet metal, widening the boathouse, lengthening it, new flotation and curtain.

I rent the slip from the Yacht Club, which I am a member, and have control over the clubs operation and moorage fees.

I pay a quarterly fee to the Yacht Club which ranges from $350 to $450, depending on electricity use. About $1,600 per year. The fee covers moorage, dues, assessments and electricity. In addition, I am required to contribute 16 hours of work time per year or pay $50/hour for unworked hours.

The club has a DNR lease renewal coming up and moorage will most likely go up. Additionally, the boathouses will need to be brought up to current standards. I am replacing the foam flotation, a few at a time with plastic tubs.

When I'm done boating, I should get back whatever I've invested in the boathouse plus a little profit when I sell.
I'm just across the bay from you and our situation is similar. I own the boathouse and do whatever is needed for maintenance. I rent the slip in the yacht club and rent, improvements, elect, dues etc averages about 200/month or a bit less. I don't think I'd consider buying a slip unless it involved a boathouse. I'd be hard pressed to own boat in this area without having a house to keep it in. Just makes things so much easier. The boathouses here are pretty stable. Certainly not an investment, but at least you get a good bit of your money back when you sell.

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