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Haul, wrap, sleep.

If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten a custom canvas cover the first year I owned her. Shrinkwrap used to cost about $300.00 for a 34' boat. Now it's close to $800.00 and the guys doing it have become idiots.

I miss Riverside Marina.

Al Johnson
34' Marine Trader
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We live aboard in the Baltimore harbor, and have for the past 6 years. Before that we had a house on Middle River, just north of Baltimore. Our marina is full of boats that are floating and shrinkwrapped.

This question really comes down to how much you think you will use the boat between Thanksgiving and April 1st. If you are two hours away and will have all the systems winterized with anti-freeze which will have to be re-done if you use the boat, you might be better off having the boat hauled, wrapped and relax.

I think you could easily make either decision and it would be right.


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We (west coast USA, 38th parallel) truly sympathize.

Today, on FlyWright, on the upper (northern) part of the navigable portion of Napa River:

Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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Some bottom paints should not be exposed to air for more than 72 hrs.
Tampa Bay
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Originally Posted by timjet View Post
Some bottom paints should not be exposed to air for more than 72 hrs.
A point I was about to make. Trinidad SR for one.

So hauling for the off season has to figure in your bottom paint choice. Or vice versa.
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Thanks again, all. I'll find out soon what the bottom paint is and, unless it's not recommended, will probably haul it next winter. Appreciate the collective wisdom.

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