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60 miles and still too far away IMO. Working on closing the gap.


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4,706 miles. Hmmmm.....

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15 minute drive for me. I'm usually there every night, sometimes to listen to the Yankee game on the radio, have some take out with the wife, clean, fuel up, pump out, any excuse to get down there. We set our goal, each season to use the boat every weekend. It usually doesn't work out that way, but we try.
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About one hour and 45 minutes from my home to the marina. I made sure to introduce myself to some very nice liveaboards in an adjacent slip who were willing to call me if there are any problems. Wish I was closer...
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It was about 25 minutes, short drive, short walk, short row out, to its swing mooring, about 1km from home. As of this week, it`s 45 minutes easy drive, on a marina at Brooklyn NSW on the Hawkesbury River, with ready access to great cruising grounds. Permanently, if it works out.
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About 9 minutes from home to the boat. 11 if I don't hit the light right.
Mike and Tina
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Looking out our bedroom window, I can see my stripped down project boat.
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2 minutes.
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4.5 Minutes.
Thanks, Oliver
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2.5 hours, Why Florida, when you have the Georgia coast closer?
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Back yard. Sometimes still forget to go home.

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Great tips from those who are not within easy travel distance! I intend on keeping the boat within 15 min of my parents place so I will have someone to check on the boat from time to time. Maintenance will be an issue but I like the thought of dedicating time prior to a trip just for maintenance.
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2 miles now, easy bicycle ride after I bought the slip. It was 45 minutes before that which was just way too far away.
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Only 45 minutes now. The last two years we had the sailboat it was in San Carlos, Mexico and we had to take a week out of every six to drive 1200 miles, check on the boat and drive home.
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5-8 minutes depending on the light.
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This year I'm aboard full time. Now the house chores have to wait till the snow melts.
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15 miles/20 minutes. I'm very lucky.
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We keep our boat in Ketchikan, Alaska and live in Phoenix Arizona. We have the boat on the hard when we are not there. Generally we leave for Alaska in May and live on the boat while touring southeast Ak until Sept. The boat gets hauled for the remaining months of non use. We know individuals who leave their boats in all year. There are boat services that look after the boat. By having the vessel on the hard for 8 months gives us peace of mind.
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Originally Posted by n36511 View Post
In the coming two years I plan on relocating my Carver 355 away from Atlanta and down to FL. I wanted to get some feedback from those of you that live a good distance from your boat (my travel time will be 8 hrs driving or half a day flying). What are some things I need to keep in mind when doing this? Hurricanes are a huge concern...however I think I can plan around that. I am more concerned about the weekend to weekend checks that I do on my boat now. Do you have someone at the marina, or someone you know occasionally check on her?

Any feedback is appreciated.
Thing one to keep in mind. The use of a boat declines proportionally to it's distance from you. You think you'll be the exception, but you won't. Now partly this does depend on your use. Do you have weeks or months at a time or is most of it weekends? If the former, perhaps. If the latter, no way.

I have to correct a couple of pieces of information. Insurance doesn't require a captain, but they do look at experience. If you're already insured, that's not likely an issue. However, you may well have to change insurance carriers to get the right insurance for the coast and then your experience comes into play. As to hurricanes, there are more boats in Florida than any other state and they don't all leave for hurricanes, so know that you can get insured and you can find some reasonable protection or care.

Currently I'm guessing your drive is about 45 minutes to an hour. I'm going to toss another idea your way, in the opposite direction. The Tennessee River. Chattanooga is a two hour drive for you. Wonderful area. Good marinas, great cruising and the distances you're looking for. You have the perfect boat for the Tennessee River. I'd really consider it strongly.

As to checks on the boat, alarms are a good start, but I'd also engage someone locally to check regularly, unless I found a place to keep my boat in dry storage. It can be a management company, a marina that provides the service, or even a liveaboard you befriend. The other thing I'd do is cameras. That way you can visually check and be alerted to problems.

Someone asked why not Georgia. I love Savannah, but it doesn't make your drive that much better. Still it cuts off some time, so I'd consider the Georgia coast. Don't get mislead though as the Marinas are quite a bit beyond Savannah. Thunderbolt is a nice area for keeping a boat. Then there's St. Simons, Jekyll, and all the other islands. You might even look at Charleston. Even if you're able to save one or two hours of your drive, you've improved the situation. Obviously climate changes slightly too though so there is an offset.

Still, my personal choice from Atlanta would be the Tennessee River. Second would be something in the Savannah area.
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15 min. Do lunch on it during work days. Evenings & weekends quality time.

Dave & Suzie - Roughwater 35
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