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East Coast transient availability

When cruising the East Coast (Nova Scotia to the Bahamas) would it be significantly more difficult to find transient space -- both moorings and dockage -- for a "53" (LOA 59') vs a "48" (LOA 53')?

The larger boat may better meet our needs but not if we're locked out of a lot of destinations.

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Not in our experience. We have a 53, but in our stops from Chesapeake down the east coast, through Florida, through the far Bahamas I am not aware of marinas that would not be able to take a 59. Though truth be told we don't go into many marinas south of Abaco. Those we have in New Providence, Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, could all handle a 59.

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I'm not sure of the transient pricing on the East coast or the Bahamas but around here the transient rate is anywhere from $1.00 a foot to about $2.00 a foot. Even if the cost is double that out east, you are only looking at $10.00 to $20.00 extra a night. A bargain!

I know you were not asking about pricing but I just thought Id throw that in.

Go for the larger boat!

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LOAs above 50 probably fight for each other, but the vast majority of slips at marinas I frequent are for 45 max or so. So above 50, transient space is often just available or not at smaller marinas.
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You might find slightly less availability, but not enough to sway the boat selection. Worst case you just anchor out. Maybe once or twice a year the smaller boat might make a difference, but you will enjoy the extra space every day, all day.
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To take off on twistedtree's post, you would be targeting area's that are more geared for handling larger vessels and there are quite a number of those around. I don't think its that clear cut as far as length cutoffs go, go with the boat that matches your needs most. Also get a really good anchoring system (and anchor), nice having that option as well.
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Thanks all.
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Posts: 88 in Hampton VA. No bridges, no locks, easy to head offshore or ICW.

Transient is $1.25 per foot and big boats fit on T-heads or Fuel Dock.

Gene :^)

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Beam is a significant factor. Sometimes you just can’t fit. If the beams are similar then no issue
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As a larger size transient, you end up on the T dock often. We liked that, more privacy and a quicker exit if desired in the morning. We cruised a 61'LOA, 18'2" beam boat up and down the entire eastern seaboard for a few years and dockage just was never an issue. We preferred anchoring or mooring where available or practical, but stayed at plenty of marinas cumulatively. Buy the smallest boat YOU can be comfortable in. Only YOU can determine what that is for your intended usage. In our case the boat was our only residence.

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I can personally vouch for the facility in post #8. VERY nice set up. Easy in. Easy out. Neat, clean and friendly. Less than a 5 minute walk to a nice beach.
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The only real difference in my experience would be availability when crowded. Logic says that the larger the boat you own, the less different size spaces you will fit in. If a marina has sizes from 40 to 70' in ten foot increments, with more sizes for the smallest slips and fewest sizes for the largest slips, a 60' boat will only fit in 60 and 70' slips, whereas a 40' boat will fit in all. So, you are competing for a much smaller percentage of the slips. When the marina gets near full, bigger slips get filled with smaller boats. My experience with a 50' overall length boat during Snowbird migration is that you need to be able to book several days in advance to guarantee availability.

I would guess most marinas have spaces for a 60' boat. You might consider going on Dockwa or one of the other marina booking sites, and see what's available in maybe 10 areas along your proposed route.


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